Business Listening and Insights

Everyone say Companies should be listening. But to what should they be listening to? And once you hear something, what should you do about it? To be successful utilizing social media data, a company must develop a listening approach. In general, that falls into three categories (brand and competitor mentions, sub-brand themes, and topics of interest to consumers that may or may not mention the brand). By listening for the right topics in these three areas, Companies can develop the framework to determine whether the conversations should drive changes in the company’s current or future plans.

Benefits of a Business Listening and Insights Program:

  • Learn what to listen for and what not to listen to;
  • Establish baseline for online conversations and determine the thresholds that indicate material changes in consumer sentiment;
  • Understand share of voice and your brands relative position in social compared to competitors;
  • Unify tracking and reporting to easily communicate findings to relevant groups;
  • Understand influencers by topic and have a basis to take action with those influencers to help improve business performance.
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