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Example Activities
  • Learn how to go beyond listening for brand mentions to understand consumer insights.
  • Understand resources required to listen and learn from online conversations.
  • Examine organization investments into listening and community platforms to determine how insights are fed to research.
  • Initiate research programs with consumers already engaged with the brand.
  • Create communication protocols between research and other departments to take action based on social intelligence.
  • Correlate social intelligence to other research for additional perspective.
  • Create brand extensions based on consumer insights generated in social.
  • Merge social media intelligence with other research platforms for a consolidated view.
Sample Goals & Objectives
  • Define criteria for listening.
  • Define metrics for online conversation to demonstrate a trend.
  • Assign resources.
  • Activate existing brand evangelists to provide greater perspective and feedback.
  • Define reporting requirements to feed important information to key internal stakeholders.
  • Generate 5 product innovation ideas from social intelligence.
  • Validate a product extension through engagement with key online audiences.
Sample Evaluation Metrics
  • Established 10 topics to research, established baseline metrics for online activity and thresholds for changes that alert team of key trends.
  • Identified a potential issue from consumer conversations and recommended a product innovation without incurring additional research costs.
  • Implemented a product innovation that improved online sentiment about brand by 25%.
  • Developed a product extension that increased market share by 2% and overall sales by 5%.
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