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Stage Get Started Right Leverage Investments Perform to Target Metrics Deliver Positive ROI
Example Activities
  • Set up enterprise system to track brands, competitors, executives and issues relevant to key consumers.
  • Establish a framework for different departments to participate and coordinate social activities.
  • Establish policies and procedures as guideposts for social practices.
  • Review listening & community platforms investments across the enterprise to reduce duplication of effort.
  • Determine if activities and analysis in one department can be helpful to others.
  • Establish social media specialists with specific responsibilities to drive performance.
  • Build and support social media assets.
  • Incorporate social media data in executive reports.
  • Establish quarterly business reviews around social activity.
  • Correlate social metrics to other business performance metrics.
  • Set business performance criteria or social activity and expected results.
Sample Goals & Objectives
  • Have a written GamePlan that can be shared through organization
  • Establish baseline metrics for share of voice.
  • A social leadership council is established with representatives of key depts.
  • Coordinated reporting across divisions so each group can get data relevant to their needs.
  • Set a long-term social media enterprise strategy with specific goals and metrics.
  • Set targets for Facebook friends and Twitter followers.
  • Built a community with 10,000 members that regularly participate.
  • Support each division with an ROI calculator.
  • Deliver two transformative business changes through social media insights.
Sample Evaluation Metrics
  • Brand A is mentioned in 15% of the overall conversations and Competitor A is mentioned 10% and Competitor B is mentioned 5%.
  • Reduced enterprise investment in listening technologies by 10% while increasing the usefulness of the information.
  • Increased Companies share of voice in social media by 20%.
  • Increase positive brand exposure by 50%.
  • Ideas from social media led to two separate ideas that added $25 million to the bottom line. The total investment was $10 million.
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